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    AltaPasa Green Circle, a community's zero-waste journey

    Our zero-waste projects at the Altadena Farmers Market and out in the community are on hold as we explore ways to spark and sustain transformative change. 


    Single-use disposables avoided*


    Pounds of compost recovered*

    * since April 2019

    Community Reusables

    Our Plates for the People service provided reusables and dishwashing free of charge at the market to make it easy for vendors and patrons to transition off single-use disposables.

    This service is currently on hiatus.

    Reusable bags

    Please bring your reusable bags to the market for all your produce and shopping items.


    Free reusable bags are sometimes available at the market, but it's best to bring your own. 

    Host a zero-waste event

    Gathering over good food doesn't need to end with a bunch of trash. It's easy and affordable to host a zero-waste event with Plates for the People community reusables. 

    Cultivate simple habits to reduce plastic waste.

    Carry Reusable Utensils

    Carry a set of utensils with you wherever you go so you're always ready with an alternative to plastic utensils.

    Say No to Plastic Shopping Bags

    Keep a set of reusable grocery bags in your backpack, bag, or car. Use them for all your shopping needs, not just for groceries. Say no to plastic bags whenever and wherever you shop.

    Bring Your Own Coffee Mug

    Cultivate a BYOM (bring your own mug) habit by starting every day with a mug that you love. Don't leave home without it! 

    Buy in Bulk

    Don't buy produce packaged in plastic. Shop at farmers markets and grocery stores that sell loose produce and other bulk items. Bring your own bags so you always have an alternative to plastic. 

    Stop Buying Bottled Water

    Bring a refillable, reusable water bottle with you everywhere. There's no need to waste money on plastic water bottles. 

    Skip the Plastic Straw

    Help turn the tide on plastic pollution by simply saying "no straw, please" when you order a beverage at restaurants, cafes, and bars. If you really love drinking with a straw, bring your own reusable straw. 

    Ditch Doggy Bags and Takeout Containers

    Bring your own containers for restaurant leftovers and take-out. Plastic containers can leach chemicals into your food; using glass containers is better for your health and the planet. 

    BYOE - Bring Your Own Everything

    The key to skipping single-use plastic is to be prepared. Bring your own reusables (plate, cup, utensils, napkin and bags) with you wherever you go (keep a kit in the car) to make zero-waste shopping and dining easy breezy. 

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    Thank you!

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